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This is a WIP wiki dedicated to Blue Archive (BA) that anyone can edit
There have been 27,878 edits within 444 articles since August 07th, 2020‎.
This wiki contains Spoilers! Read at your own risk!

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~~ Sources ~~

This wiki uses information and images from:
The official BA's Twitter and Website.
Japanese Fandom's Wikiru, Kamigame and Gamewith
Chinese Fandom's Wiki.bilibiligame
Google Drives provided by Xeno, Lico and Aiz
Translations by Salieri AS, BlackYuki, Poca, Noxy and Machine Translation

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Meet the Students

Sensei, get to know your students here!

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Back to School

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Sensei, Happy 1st Anniversary!

News Summary!

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Event Daily Mission
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May 24th, 2022 JST ~ June 22nd, 2022 JST

Double Drop Campaign
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May 24th, 2022 JST ~ June 01st, 2022 JST

Double Drop Campaign
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May 24th, 2022 JST ~ June 01st, 2022 JST

Featured Gacha
Imashino MisakiStar Icon.pngStar Icon.pngStar Icon.pngMisaki
Offensive Icon.png
Defensive Icon.png
EX Deals 14.3% of ATK as DMG to enemies within 7 round-shaped area every 4 sec (48 sec). (If this EX-Skill is used again while the previous EX-Skill is active, the previous effect will disappear). 5
N Increases ATK by 37.1% every 50 sec. Last for 40 sec.
P Increases ATK by 26.6%.
Sub Deals 2.1% / 4.1% / 6.2% / 8.3% / 10.3% of ATK as additional DMG when attacking a debuff enemy. DMG depends on the number of debuffs (up to 5 times).
Tsuchinaga HiyoriStar Icon.pngStar Icon.pngStar Icon.pngHiyori
Offensive Icon.png
Defensive Icon.png
EX Fires a bullet that deals 331% of ATK as DMG to the first enemy in a straight line. Decreases DEF by 30.1% when there are 2 or less Arius students in the unit. Decreases DEF by 51.6% when there are 3 or more Arius students in the unit. (30 sec). 3
N Deals 409% of ATK as DMG to 1 enemy every 40 sec. Decreases DEF by 10% (30 sec).
P Increases CRIT.DMG by 26.6%.
Sub Increases ally ATK by 17.3%.
May 24th, 2022 JST ~ June 08th, 2022 JST
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