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This is a WIP wiki dedicated to Blue Archive (BA) that anyone can edit
There have been 100,199 edits within 1,243 articles since August 07th, 2020‎.
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This wiki uses information and images from:
The official BA's Twitter and Website
Japanese Fandom's Wikiru
MEGA provided by Aiz
Translations by Noxy, Yanagikaze and Machine Translation
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Blue Archive, The Animation Trailer

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Blue Archive 3rd Anniversary

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Meet the Students
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RABBIT Platoon and the Mystery of the Missing Shrimp/Rerun
Event 26 - Rerun

July 10th, 2024 JST ~ July 17th, 2024 JST

Escort Exercise
Escort Exercise 3

July 10th, 2024 JST ~ July 17th, 2024 JST

Unrestricted Decisive Battle - The Fury of Set
Unrestricted 04

June 27th, 2024 JST ~ July 22nd, 2024 JST

Double Drop Campaign
Double Drop Campaign 4

July 10th, 2024 JST ~ July 17th, 2024 JST

Double Drop Campaign
Double Drop Campaign 2

July 10th, 2024 JST ~ July 17th, 2024 JST

Featured Gacha
Kazekura Moe (Swimsuit verStar IconStar IconStar IconStrikerMoe (Swimsuit
Offensive Icon
Defensive Icon
EX Deals 1892% of ATK as DMG to 1 enemy and 378% of ATK as DMG to all enemies within a round-shaped area around the target. 6
N Deals 59% of ATK as DMG to 1 every 35 sec.
P Increases ATK by 26.6%.
Sub Deals 17.7% of ATK as additional DMG to large and extra-large enemies.
Tsukiyuki Miyako (Swimsuit verStar IconStar IconStar IconStrikerMiyako (Swimsuit)
Offensive Icon
Defensive Icon
EX Decreases CRIT.DMG.RES of 1 enemy by 20.3% (50 sec). Also deals 487% of ATK as DMG. 3
N Increases EVA by 35% every 30 sec (Lasts for 25 sec).
P Increases MAX HP by 26.6%.
Sub Increases COST REGEN by 630 upon 50 successful evades. (10 sec).
Sorai Saki (Swimsuit verStar IconStar IconStar IconStrikerSaki (Swimsuit)
Offensive Icon
Defensive Icon
EX Deals 552% of ATK as DMG to 1 enemy. Also decreases DEF, ATK and CRIT.RES by 20.8% (50 sec). 4
N Deals 371% of ATK as DMG to enemies in a fan-shaped area every 15th Normal Attacks. Deals 185% of ATK as additional DMG on medium-sized enemies.
P Increases ACC by 26.6%.
Sub Increases the ATK of Special students and the user by 30.6%.
July 10th, 2024 JST ~ July 17th, 2024 JST
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